Gandaki Higher Secondary Boarding School was established with a view to imparting education of an international standard keeping in view the thirst of students of the Western development Region for quality education. As it solely believes in the holistic development of a child, students here are nurtured providing a homely and caring environment for their mental, physical and social development. The school provides all-round education that challenges the student’s mind, body and spirit. It associates freedom with responsibility and reason with emotion. As it is a non-profit making institution, the objective of the school is to provide quality education with an affordable cost. The school has been providing scholarship facilities to 20 - 25% students, who are under privileged, marginalize d, backward, and who are from remote areas and so called low castes. Such scholarship ranges from class 4 to class 12 and college level as well. These students are given facilities as per their categories. They adjust themselves to the motto of Knowledge, Character and Service.

- Scholarship Officer

(Mr Bhim Bahadur Gurung)


Roshan Pandey, 11 'A'
Students are the pillars of the nation and the citizens of tomorrow. A controversy has been raised round the question whether or not the students shou [...]
Smriti Tiwari, 12C
The voyage of discovery lies not in finding new landscapes but in having new eyes. Nature has not created humans to dominate one another. She has give [...]
Ganga Poudel, 6C
Leaders without any hesitation, Govern the people in odd fashion Peace is the ultimate expectation of people Wherever they live in the country side [...]
Ashim Poudel, 4B
1) Perta of jordan 2) Chichen itza of mexico 3) Statue of jesus of brazil 4) Taj mahal of india 5) Colosseum of italy 6) Machu Picchu of peru 7) [...]